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New Moon Movement & Cacao with Aurore Nicolier

Connect to your senses with this movement, song, meditation and cacao gathering brought to you by ACTIVATE : SPACE with Aurore Nicolier. The art of moving our bodies with intention and intuition awakens the desire to go deeper within ourselves.

By drinking cacao we can choose to open our hearts while titillating our taste buds.

With song we connect to each other's vibration and send out powerful energies.

Combining all of these in community during the New Moon allows us to set deeper intentions for what we want to create for ourselves, it reinforces the possibilities of expansion.

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ACTIVATE : SPACE Kicks off Event @LOCZIdesign Studios

ACTIVATE : SPACE kicked off its community enrichment organization with a rich conversation hosted by LOCZIdesign studios featuring expert panelists, music and networking. Moderator Jennifer Kartiganer invited participants including the audience to dive deep into inquiry to discover and explore what makes us tick. 

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