LOCZIdesign + OMpower


Engage. Educate. Inspire.


In November 2016 LOCZIdesign hosted ACTIVATE : SPACE, an exploration of art, technology, and spirit in shaping our environment. The event sparked new opportunities within our community. With a continued focus on mindfulness and creativity, LOCZIdesign's community outreach arm, known as designedCOLLECTIVE created a new partnership with OMpower to bring you more.

Beginning January 2018, ACTIVATE : SPACE 2.0 launches with a panel discussion featuring experts across a range of fields from design to wellness and beyond for an expanded focus on accessing personal mastery through the the various lenses of being...i.e. our spirit, body, home and community.


Meet us where you are...

We're interested in how intention, rigor and immersion can create our environment. With our series of classes, workshops, retreats  we invite experts from across a range of fields who are masters of their craft to share their wisdom.

Start with a class, continue with a workshop. Our programs are meant to engage, educate and inspire.


Our founders...

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Paige Loczi

Paige is an artist, a connector and teacher.  As the founder and creative director of LOCZIdesign, she surrounds herself with greatness and does her best work when collaborating with others.  Whether through designing a home or teaching a yoga class, Paige helps people realize their own potential.

Paige’s passions are as varied as her past positions… From professional dancer, to Unix teacher, Global Program manager to Interior Designer, she’s spent a decades learning from some of the country’s finest Institutions what leadership looks like and how it functions in large and small corporations.  With an undergrad from UC Berkeley, numerous yoga and meditation certifications and course work in Interior Architecture from UCBx, Paige remains an enthusiastic learner and lover of life.  She lives in San Francisco in a tree house with her husband and their two children.




Jennifer Kartiganer

Jennifer is the owner and founder of OMpower, a cutting edge yoga and fitness studio located in San Francisco. This cOMmunity of like-minded people strives for greater awareness, passion, purpose, and connection with smart, empowered athletes and yogis who have a hunger for a life fully lived.  

OMpower is unique in that it combines versatility and size of with the intimacy and care found in smaller, boutique studios. Group x classes range from High Intensity Interval Training to Candlelight Vinyasa & Meditation, and everything in between. The OMpower Personal Training program is infinitely customizable and extends to private yoga, nutrition, and mindfulness practices.

With OMpower, seemingly antipodal disciplines converge in the creation of mindful athletes, working in different worlds to their workouts, and working out to work in the world we share. The often-invoked trinity of separates: 'mind-body-spirit' presupposes divisions...whereas the OMpowered life begins from a place of --and for-- fusion, connection, and harmony. OMpower's approach to conscious fitness necessitates a disregard for traditional borders and invites you to MEET US WHERE YOU ARE.





Magda Loczi

Passionate about building community, Magda has long been involved in event management, promotions and marketing. Magda is the community manager, marketer and social media voice for multiple organizations including LOCZIdesign. She helps to manage designedCOLLECTIVE, the community outreach arm of LOCZIdesign, and enjoys partnering with likeminded organizations dedicated to creating a better world together. 

A lover of the arts with a passion for photography, branding & lifestyle design she enjoys building marketing tools and strategies for small businesses and creative collectives. In addition to being a Disney veteran, Magda holds a BA in Communication & Media Studies. She is a fine jewelry designer of 25+ years with her line of precious and semi-precious handmade works sold under the moniker LOCZIworks in San Francisco.

A former marathon runner, and practicer of kundalini yoga, she finds as much peace pounding the pavement or taking to the canyon hills as hitting the mat. She is committed to spending more time soaking in the benefits of being in nature. In her free time you can find her on the dance floor, traveling to nearby or exotic destinations for inspiration or hunting for treasure in the gem mines of Southern California.